We ask that you respect everyone….players, coaches, fans, and especially referees. None of us are perfect, so treat others the way that you want to be treated. We will not tolerate cursing or fighting. If a player curses, he will be asked to sit out the rest of that game. If there is a second offense, the violator will not be allowed to participate the remainder of the season. ****In the case of fighting, the league will be shut down immediately****.


April 29-May 23: Registration online only


May 21 & 23: Player evaluations between          6:00 & 7:15 PM in the Northside Gym

May 28: Draft (Captains only) 7pm-8pm

June 4 & 6: Practice nights. Each team will have 1/2 court for one hour on one night.

June 10 - July 25: Life Changers Season(including Tournament)


July 30 : Championship Games, 3 Point Shootout and Post Season Cookout beginning at 6:30 PM .


We can use a lot of help this season. Anyone wanting to help with player evaluations, or help at the scorer's table, please email Jody at jodyb@nbcvaldosta.org  We will have an online schedule if you want to help at the scorer's table.

In order to have a high level of competition and also keep things fair, we will evaluate each player(captains excluded) and incorporate a player draft. You must attend one of the evaluation nights. Red division will incorporate vertical leap into their evaluations. Captains will be chosen to draft players for their team, using the information acquired from the evaluations. To make it easier for captains, we will put a picture of each player beside their evaluation information.