2019 Life Changers

Basketball Rules and Regulations

V 4.24.19


We will be using NCAA basketball rules, with the following exceptions:


1. Starting Games & Possessions: Each game will begin with Prayer. The guest team will have possession first, then each possession will be on an alternating basis. The Scorer's table will keep up with these possessions.

2. Length of Quarters, etc: Each quarter of playing time will be for 9 minutes. Halftime will be for 8 minutes and both teams will go to a room and have a devotion.

3. Grace Period: For the first game of the night only             (6:30 game), there will be a 5 minute grace period. All other games will have a 2 minute grace period. During this grace period, the timer will count down. When the horn sounds, there must be at least 4 players on each team on the floor, ready to play. If players are not on the floor, the team without at least 4 players will forfeit. If neither team has at least 4 players, it will be a double forfeit.

4. Eligibility: Players may only play in one division. The Red Division is for players, from 18 years old through 39 years old. The Blue Division is for players 40 years old and up. However, we (Life Changers) will make exceptions to this rule and allow some players over 39 years old to play in the Red division, and some players under 40 years old, to play in the Blue division at our discretion.

5. Floaters: Floaters are players that are not assigned to a team; We will decide which players will be floaters. Floaters can play for any team in their division that is shorthanded. We reserve the right to assign the floaters to teams permanently, if needed. The floaters cannot be drafted. We will try to give floaters an opportunity to play in 2 games/week. This could mean that some games they will play for a team that has more than 5 players.


6. Teams using Floaters: Any short-handed team can use an available Floater. If a team has 5 players present, they can request to use a Floater, if one is available & the opposing team has a substitute for that game.

7. Short-Handed Teams:If a team is short-handed(4 players), the first option is to use a Floater (has to be from the same division). The last option is to play 4 on 5. A team must have at least 4 of their own players present or they will forfeit the game; they may pick up enough players to play, but the game will count as a loss. The players picked up must be on a Life Changers Roster.

8. Playing Time: Players must have (the opportunity for) ample playing time, regardless of the score. As a rule of thumb,1/3 of one quarter (3 minutes) in each half should be a minimum. Captains are responsible to keep up with playing time. A player may request to sit out or may be injured. Players may substitute during the game (Rule 6,Sect 5 art. 1a), but they must come to the scorer’s table and wait to check in until the referee signals for them to enter the game. 

9. Game Clock: There will be a running clock (clock doesn’t stop for free throws, out of bounds, etc), except for the last two minutes of each half. During the last minute of each half and overtime, the clock will stop for each made basket. During the last 2 minutes of the 4th Quarter, if one team is ahead by 20 or more points, the clock will not stop.


10. Shot Clock: There will be a shot clock (only if shot clock and volunteers are available) during the last two minutes of each half. During the last 2 minutes of the 4th Quarter, if a team is ahead by 20 or more points, we will not run the shot clock.

11. Backcourt: Backcourt violations will be called. Players will have 10 seconds to cross halfcourt.


12. Closely Guarded: We do not call the 5 seconds closely guarded rule.


13. Backboard Dead Balls: If a live ball hits the strap, top of backboard, or any of the supporting frame the ball becomes dead.

14. Free Throws: Rule 9 Article 1c,g,h; Free Throw shooter cannot enter the lane until ball touches the rim, flange or backboard. Players not on the blocks cannot go past the 3 point line or free throw line extended until the ball touches the rim, flange or backboard. Players on the blocks must wait until the ball is released before entering the lane.


15. Bonus: We will keep up with fouls each half and on the 7th team foul of each half, the team that is fouled will be in a bonus situation and go to the line to shoot a one and one, unless it is a shooting foul. (If a team commits 10 team fouls in a half, it will be a double bonus and the fouled team will shoot two free throws). Team fouls carry over from the 2nd Half to overtime.

16. Fouling out: If a player commits 5 fouls during a game, he will have to leave the game. 

17. Timeouts: Each team will have 3 timeouts to be used only during regulation. There are no timeouts in overtime. Timeouts can be called only by the team with possession, except during dead balls, or after made baskets. Timeouts must be called from the floor and not the bench; exception for Captains.    


18. Tie Games: In the case of a tie, teams will play an overtime of 2 minutes, with no timeouts.


19. Mercy Rule: If a team is down by 40 points at any time in the 3rd Quarter, or 30 points in the 4th Quarter, the game will end.



1. There will be no cursing or fighting allowed. If a player curses, they will sit out the game being played, or about to be played (If an offense happens after a player’s game, the violator will sit out his next scheduled game). If a player commits, what is deemed by the referee or Life Changers representative, as a flagrant foul, the player will sit out the rest of that game. If there is a second offense (cursing or flagrant foul), the violator will not be allowed to participate the rest of the season. In the case of fighting, there is no second chance, the remainder of the season will be cancelled for everyone, with no refunds given.

2.  No arguing or talking negatively to the referees or scorer’s table. This league is designed to promote Christ, not ourselves.

3.  No alcohol, smoking, or illegal drugs are permitted on the property. Any player found using, or having used these items will be asked to leave the property.



1. Players are required to wear their jerseys during the game.

2. Shorts are to be pulled up to the waist.

3. No jewelry is to be worn on the floor during the game. This includes watches, rings, earrings, etc. If you do have jewelry, you may take it off and leave it at the scorer’s table.




All players will be required to get a new jersey this season. If you played in 2018 with us (Life Changers), you can request the same jersey number that you used in 2018. You will have until May 6 to request that number. Starting on May 7, jersey numbers not requested will be available to any player.

On game day, If you forget your jersey and wish to play, you can rent a jersey for $3 per game. These rented jerseys will be limited in quantity and size, and someone may have already used it that night.



Both teams will go to a room together and have a short devotion at halftime. Devotions will be pre-written and read by a Captain or designee.


Game Schedule:

Games will be played on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights, with games starting at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30. There will be a tournament during the last week of the season. No matter where a team finishes during the season, they will have an opportunity to be in the championship game.

Post Season Cookout/ Championship Games

After the season, on July 30, there will be a cookout, 3 Point Shootout and Championship Games for both divisions. We will begin serving food at approximately 6:30 PM, followed by a 3 Point Shootout, Games and a devotion.




Life Changers seeks to provide the best atmosphere in which to play. This will, at times, cause us to rethink rules and regulations. We reserve the right to make changes as we deem necessary. We are open to suggestions and will deliberate all recommendations. Thank you for participating in Life Changers, and we hope you have a great season.